2021 PSA Rugby Academy, Tignes

Latest COVID-19 FAQs (as at 01/06/21)

All You Need To Know

Is wearing a mask compulsory?

In compliance with the health protocols issued by the Ministries of Health and National Education in France, the wearing of masks is now compulsory for those over 11 years old when physical distancing is not possible. Therefore, players will be expected to wear a mask while inside the UCPA centre. They will not be expected to wear a mask during training times.

Additionally, players will need to wear a mask during public transport (travelling by coach/train).

Disposable masks will be available for purchase within the UCPA complex (at cost price, around € 0.70 per surgical mask), but we would recommend that each player has at least 3 disposable masks for each day of their stay.

Are you going to take the temperature of players and staff at your Academies?

In case of symptoms (cough, fatigue, loss of taste and smell, etc.), the person concerned will have their temperature taken.

Additionally, if anyone continues to show signs of symptoms, their temperature will be systematically taken by the resident UCPA programme health assistant, with the information then being sent to the local doctor connected to the UCPA programme, who will decide if a formal medical consultation is necessary.

Isolation facilities will be available throughout the programme to ensure that anyone showing symptoms is managed correctly.

How will you guarantee physical distance during your Academy?

Specific signage will be displayed around the UCPA centre and the Tignes resort to maintain safety distances in collective areas. However, there will still be an onus on parents to educate their players on COVID-19 practices before their arrival and to ensure that they are reminded to closely follow these measures during their stay, which will make it possible to live within health constraints comfortably.

In addition, we will have a COVID-19 Manager to ensure best practices are being followed and to remind players of these messages throughout the stay.

What change have been made to the UCPA Accommodation?

UCPA has implemented several measures to ensure the accommodation is as well prepared and appropriate as possible to comply with the prevailing French Government guidelines:

  • Players will be encouraged to refrain from visiting any rooms other than their own
  • Laundry bags will be supplied to avoid clothing mixing
  • Dedicated staff will be responsible for collecting and changing bed sheets
  • Reduced room sharing capacity
  • Dedicated cleaning team to ensure daily cleaning of all bedroom door handles, shower door handles, sink taps and showers etc.

What is in place to ensure social distancing during meal times?

UCPA has implemented sanitary measures to guarantee the safety of all during catering times:

  • Mandatory hand washing before entering the dining area
  • Dedicated services times to distribute the number of people per service
  • Dedicated staff to monitor the flow of people within the dining area
  • Uni-directional flow with separate entry and exit doors
  • Increased space within the dining room by reducing the number of chairs which are available at each table
  • Catering staff to serve meals behind perspex
  • Each person must have their own drinking bottle

How will you deliver the rugby training programme?

The modified rugby programme format, with a focus on skills-based, non-contact rugby and physical development delivered by our top team of rugby educators and will comply with the latest COVID-19 guidelines announced by the FFR.

What if I am travelling to Tignes by train?

Wearing a mask is compulsory for children of 11yrs and over during the whole train journey or during transfers.  Please see www.sncf.com/fr for their latest updates before travelling to Bourg Saint Maurice/Tignes by train within France.

I am getting a transfer to Tignes, what will be in place?

We are implementing specific measures to make each airport transfer journey as secure as possible:

  • Hand sanitiser will be placed at the entrance of the van/coach to wash your hands before boarding and offered regularly throughout the trip
  • Transport will be deep cleaned before each journey – regular cleaning of all contact points
  • Places will be allocated to isolate passengers if necessary

Particular vigilance will be taken to comply with the instructions during any breaks at rest areas

What information will you take before arrival?

Each player will have to complete a pre-arrival registration form which will consist of all their health, insurance and contact information. Additionally, we will ask all players to complete a COVID-19 health questionnaire, to declare that they have not had any symptoms or been isolating, or have not been knowingly in contact with someone showing symptoms or isolating, before travelling to Tignes.

How will you manage the sharing of training equipment

All training equipment will be sanitised either between each training group or after the completion of the training, which ever occurs first.

Should I have a European Health Card?

We recommend that all players from the 27 eligible countries should apply and carry with them their European Health Insurance card. You can read more about these cards by clicking the below button.

Read more about the European Health Insurance Card HERE
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