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PSA Academies, through our partners Xplore & YFU (affiliated with the FFR), are offering fantastic educational opportunities around rugby and other sports for the academic year 2018-2019.

A placement with PSA Academies will present young students with an unrivalled opportunity to advance their education and sports abilities within a programme framework delivered by market leaders in the educational travel business.

Via our sports network, PSA Academies will ensure that each player who travels as part of the programme will get the same high-performance sports development experience that is a hallmark of our core residential academy offering.
A placement with us can be expected to deliver;

  • Enhanced Communication Skills – essential academically & in a sporting context for future success
  • Independence & Increased Confidence – a key factor in maximising potential long term
  • Cultural Resonance – an experience and relationship that connects on and off the field
  • Knowledge – academic and sporting insight gained from adapting to different conditions and
    coaching/teaching styles
  • Network – develop quality international and sports connections that can deliver greatly in later life

Combine sport and education for a truly life changing with PSA Academies and our partners in 2018!

Our Packages

2 Month Placement
Prices from: €000.00 / £000.00

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3 Month Placement
Prices from: €000.00 / £000.00

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6 Month Placement
Prices from: €000.00 / £000.00

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12 Month Placement
Prices from: €000.00 / £000.00

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Contact Us

For more information, please contact the Sales Team at

UK:  +44(0)1449 742707 
IRE: 1800 938 772

See Terms & Conditions for more information