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Core Skills Assessment & Development

Core Skills Assessment & Development

By January 23, 2019February 13th, 2019No Comments

Central to the PSA Rugby Academy experience is the assessment and development of three core rugby skills groups – Passing, Breakdown and Defence. The modern game of rugby union is built on these pillar activities and for young players to progress to the highest levels of the game, it is pivotal that their understanding of and fundamental technique in these areas is strong.

The preparation for the development of these skills at a PSA Rugby Academy starts early, with incoming players and their parents/guardians/mentors being asked to identify their key learning objectives for the programme in advance of arrival.  Once at the Academy, each player will receive a Player Workbook, allowing them to track the key takeaways from each session and their progress against their learning objectives.

Within the programme itself, our highly skilled coaching teams and camp staff will deliver recorded assessment sessions across each of the core skills areas, with specifically designed drills set up to effectively assess players against the following criteria;

    • Positioning of hands and feet
    • Ability of either hand
    • Entry to breakdown
    • Technique in clean out
    • Footwork through and after contact
    • Footwork and set up pre-tackle
    • Entry into contact
    • Positioning through the hit
    • Post-tackle work

The on-field rugby programme throughout a PSA Rugby Academy is designed to build on the assessment delivered, ensuring that via individualised Player Development Report that is sent out after each PSA Rugby Academy, each player can continue to work to maximise their rugby potential.  Our first class rugby coaching teams, headed by a senior professional coach at each venue, will use a selection of drills, games and activities to continually refresh and reinforce the principles behind these core skills areas.  For players who may not have received any coaching outside of their club or school underage rugby environment, this represents a fantastic and unrivalled opportunity to learn from highly experienced, professional coaches in a fun, safe and dedicated rugby setting.