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PSA Academies Partner Profiles – James Murphy, Impact Gumshields

By March 3, 2017No Comments

In an exciting new blog post series, PSA Academies get in depth with the heads of the world class partners that help make us the ultimate rugby camp experience. First up, it is James Murphy of Impact Gumshields….

What’s your name?
James Murphy

What’s your brand name?
Impact Gumshields

When did the company start?
May 2013

What was the background inspiration around the product?
As me and business partner were long time rugby players for over 25 years, we always hated using the shop bought boil and bite gumshields that offered no protection and were really uncomfortable to wear. So when we wanted to get a custom fit gumshield, we have to go to dentist where it’s an extremely expensive process and time consuming or order a home impression kit from an English company where it was still quite expensive to purchase. So me and business partner thought we could do offer the same great product for the Irish market but at a cheaper price and a quicker turnaround time

Why this product now?
How custom fit gumshields have been made and priced have not changed for the past 40 years. We felt that with the help of technology we could make the whole process of making a gumshield more streamlined, quicker and cost efficient. We then could pass on this saving to our consumers. So with the invention of our new 3D printing technology and plastic we are ready to disrupt the custom fit gumshield market and do something that has never been done before

What excites you most about the future of the product?
With the development of our bespoke 3D printing plastic and technology, the applications for this type of process are endless, in particular for the world of customised sportswear protection. So although we are focusing on 3D printed custom fit gumshields for the moment we see a massive opportunity down the line for all areas of sportswear protection

Who is the one person who has inspired you most in your journey to this point?
I would have to say my father. He has been an entrepreneur all his life and an extremely successful one at that. Looking at his career and what he has done, gave me the courage to try and run my own business

Why have you chosen to partner with PSA Academies?
I have a passion and love for all things Rugby and when PSA approached Impact to partner up with them, it was a no-brainer!! When you see the quality of their coaching staff (PSA aside) and facilities they have available in Tignes the exult the same high standards and level of professionalism that Impact strive to achieve everyday with its products and brand

How important is a high-performance approach in youth sports and why?
It’s incredibly important in my opinion. If a young player wants to be the best they can be at their chosen sport, the only way they can achieve that goal is to surround themselves with the best possible people to achieve that goal. So if you are working with the best coaches when it comes, nutrition, strength & conditioning, on field play and tactical nous etc.…, then that young player is going to have a much better opportunity to achieve their goals. If you want a build a Ferrari, you use the best car builders in the world, it’s the same for rugby. If you work with the best coaches you will the best machine possible

If you had one wish for the future of your business, what would it be?
To become the no.1 provider of customised 3D printed sportswear protection in the world

Have you ever been to Tignes & what did you think?
I haven’t but I am very much looking forward to going this summer

What advice about sport or work would you have for an ambitious 16-year-old signed up for the Tignes Rugby Academy in July?
Listen to your coaches and be willing to experiment with different techniques and put the effort in. You signed up to this course to the get the best advice from some of the top coaches in the land, so listen to them they know what they are talking about. Also you get out, what you put in

What is your earliest sporting memory?
Playing rugby for the time as a 6 year in Willow Park school and running into someone and bashing them out of the way. I loved that feeling!!

What has been your best moment in sport to date?
I have a few, winning an SCT medal, winning the all-Ireland U20’s club championship and being involved with Leinster U21’s

What five guests would make up your sporting dinner party table and why?
Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Jonah Lomu, Arnold Palmer and Vince Lombardi. Simply put they were best players ever in their respective sports.
They would have some of the best stories you have ever heard and the advice for sport and life would be unrivalled

What is the sports event that you are most looking forward to in 2017?
The Women’s rugby world cup being held in Ireland. It will be great showcase for women’s rugby and for the country of Ireland

Who is going to win the Champions League?
Bayern Munich, are looking pretty unstoppable at the moment

Who is going to win the 6 Nations?
Ireland on the last day by giving England a spanking

Ireland v England on the 18th March – give us a prediction?
See above 🙂

Who would your best ever world XV be?

15.Serge Blanco
14.David Campese
13. Brian O’Driscoll
12. Tim Horan
11. Jonah Lomu
10. Dan Carter
9. Joost Van Der Weisthausen
8. ZinZan Brooke
7. Richie McCaw
6. Richard Hill
5. Paul O’Connell
4. Martin Johnson
3. Pieter De Villiers
2. Keith Wood
1. The Beast