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Speed Agility & Flexibility

Speed, Agility & Flexibility

By January 24, 2019February 20th, 2019No Comments

This area of the programme, also known as SAQ (Speed, Agility & Quickness), will look to introduce and coach players in the mechanical and practical principles behind developing their speed and power for rugby.

Despite the importance it plays in pretty much every sport, many underage players will never have had any formal athletics or running coaching.  As such, the practical, interactive programme content delivered by our guest coaches can deliver significant insight and benefit to our Academy players.

In addition to the practical coaching provided, our players will also be introduced to key exercise routines to establish and maintain an optimum level of flexibility for young, developing rugby players.  The importance of disciplines such as yoga and martial arts in creating critical core body strength, suppleness and flexibility has been long recognised in professional sport but again, we look to introduce young players to the top level, key aspects of these disciplines in a fun and engaging way.

As part of the Player Development Report, all players at the PSA Rugby Academies will have the opportunity to use STATSports Apex GPS technology as part of the speed & agility testing elements of their assessments.  As well as using the technology, our coaching and camp staff will introduce the players to how the units work and what key performance data to focus on.

By the conclusion of each Academy programme, the intention is that each player will have the tools to continue to develop their physical capabilities in the areas of speed and agility, with the knowledge around how to use sports technology to help continue developing these important areas into the future.