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Tignes Rugby Academy Diary – Week 1, Day 5

By July 15, 2017No Comments

Tignes Rugby Academy Day 5 was D Day on the programme and that means D-E-F-E-N-C-E!

After the relaxed Thursday activities, the players had to quickly pick up the intensity for the a big day of action.

Extra sleep (the group got an extra stretch to 8am) and a big, healthy breakfast is a key cornerstone for the day. Once that was banked, the squad headed to Tignes Le Lac for Johan’s innovative Defence Rope Drill and other related games.  After that, our resident Kiwi, Camp Manager Cory tried to teach the group the Haka but our French players were mentally strong enough not to fall for that trick!
Tignes Rugby Academy Day 5 Lake Sports

The players were rewarded for their hardwork with another chance to enjoy the fantastic watersports on the lake, before heading back to the UCPA for lunch.  Lunch was, as ever, first class with delicious Chicken, fresh veg and pasta as the warm meal choices.

Tignes Rugby Academy Day 5 Speed & Agility session

The afternoon revolved around another trip to Tignespace for a speed and agility session with Cathal. This built on the techniques and exercises introduced earlier in the week. The group then headed back up to the pitches for Johan’s 6 Fundamentals of the Tackle, an interactive and comprehensive run through of the best practices of effective tackling with our partner equipment from Shadowman Sports.

With the end of the week’s programme fast approaching, the Tignes Rugby Academy management had planned a surprise reward for players. A surprise supervised Disco with the wider UCPA camp group.  Who said that they were tired then???

Happy and together, the group headed to bed to finish Tignes Rugby Academy Day 5. Saturday was their last full day of the programme, with the tag rugby tournament in Tignes Le Lac the feature.  A fitting end to a fantastic week of work and fun lay ahead.