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The 9PSAVs – Fun

By April 23, 2021April 25th, 2021No Comments

“When you have confidence, you can have a lot of fun. And when you have fun, you can do amazing things.”― Joe Namath

Rugby development while having fun!

We have 9 core values ​​that underpin our high-performance learning approach in PSA Academies that we want to share with our players, and fun is one of them. At PSA Academies, we try to make all of our young players feel comfortable so that they can learn in an enjoyable way.

Our programmes, rated 5 stars “Excellent” on Trustpilot, are certainly based on fun!

Our main goal is for players to enjoy the practise, development and learning with their new PSA Academies teammates of their own age, in order to collectively develop their potential as individuals and in a high performing team environment.

Our coaches are professionals and have significant experience in high-performance coaching at the highest levels of professional rugby. In addition, the full PSA Academies programme team brings significant experience and passion in delivering high-quality development experiences and learning for young people.

For PSA Academies, a successful rugby development programme is one where every player has felt challenged but supported, developing not just their rugby but also themselves, all while making new friends in a fun and safe setting. We take a player-specific approach to ensure that each player is benchmarking their progress against themselves. Our staff and coaches are there to provide as much support and encouragement as possible.

That’s why we have set up an end-of-the-week award ceremony for each Academy programme, when we recognise and reward the players who have best demonstrated our key 9 PSA values during the programme.

The PSA Academies experience is not only perseverance and hard work but also lots and lots of fun.

Trustpilot Testimonials – see more here:

Stefano – Parent: ‘’He had great fun throughout all of it while he was learning and try to improve his skills as they were explained to the group.’’

Stéphanie – Parent: ‘’He spent the week having so much fun with the group of guys he met.’’