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Injury Prevention & Recuperation

Injury Prevention & Recuperation

By January 24, 2019February 20th, 2019No Comments

A key focus for our high-performance rugby development programme are the areas of injury prevention, rest and recuperation.  For young energetic rugby players with natural fitness and athleticism, there may be a blind spot or lack of existing awareness around these key areas but for professional rugby players, this is arguably the biggest difference in preparation for performance in the modern era.

During our programme, our players will be educated around the importance of preventative and recuperative actions to aid their on-pitch game, including the fundamental scientific principles around;

  • good sleeping habits
  • minimising screen time
  • mental wellness activities as part of a healthy rest strategy
  • a ‘food first’ healthy nutrition approach
  • a consistent and comprehensive approach to stretching and the value of activities such as foam rolling and hydrotherapy including swimming in post-training or match recovery

Our highly qualified team of leading coaches (many of who were top ex-pro club players), sports professionals and rugby interns will guide our players through the introductory background theory and practical application of the principles behind these areas.  Through our C.A.R.D.S. philosophy and approach, our team will reinforce these learnings through fun, interactive, player-led sessions, with players also having the opportunity to journal their learnings throughout the Rugby Academy programme.

Hopefully, by the time that the players have completed their PSA Rugby Academy programme, they will already have seen first hand the benefits of increased awareness of, focus on and commitment to the practical application of these principles. The feedback on this programme content from previous players and parents has been very positive, with many citing the fact that players have returned back to their club or school rugby with a real understanding of the importance of how diet, sleep, stretching and proper rest can significantly improve on-pitch performance.

For those players committed to playing at the highest level of their abilities, the introduction to these principles and areas will be the first step of an extensive, educational journey so our staff and partners like Titan Wellness will ensure that they are given the information and tools to continue to develop their understanding and application of these fundamental building blocks to achieve their maximum rugby potential long term.