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Tech Analysis – GPS Etc.

Tech Analysis – GPS Etc.

By January 24, 2019February 12th, 2019No Comments

A key aspect of the PSA Rugby Academy experience for our young players is getting to experience how professional rugby players use sports technology to analyse their performance and drive their development standards.

Over the years, we have been lucky enough to develop relationships with some of the leading sports technology companies in sport, includingSTATSports, Shadowman Sports, Shadowball and Impact Gumshields.  This has created a programme that provides the ultimate rugby development experience for young players, with new partners and equipment being added all the time.

As well as providing innovate new learning experiences to players on the ground at our Academy venues,  this technology provides the platform for our player development focus, with core skills and physical-capabilities tested, developed and reported on in our unique Player Development Report post camp.  This is a critical factor in the ability of our players to improve on their return to their own team environments.

For 2019, we are delighted to once again be working with our partners to further enhance the programme content we deliver.  Playersattendingour Academies will get the chance to use the new APEX PodfromSTATSports, the most advanced athlete performance tracking device ever made for individuals, allowing players to track a huge amount of their training metrics in each individual session.   Theywillalsoget to work with the fantastic and innovateShadowman Sportsdefensiveequipment, which continues to transform the coaching of defensive technique and skills in both American Football and Rugby. In terms of ball skills, the Shadowball has been an integral part of our programme from the start, allowing players to practice their passing skills in a fun and innovative settings, both on their own and as a group.