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The 9PSAVs – Positivity

By April 25, 2021No Comments

I’ve failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” – Michael Jordan

At PSA Academies, we firmly believe that without positivity, you can’t achieve high performance.

Another of our core 9PSAV’s values ​​and one that as a team & company we try to live to as much as possible is Positivity. By always trying to highlight and build on the positive, we believe every coach and player can accomplish great things!

The PSA Academies rugby development programme is delivered with this value always in mind to give our players the best possible learning environment to learn, play and enjoy the challenges of this unique experience.

We work hard to specially recruit coaches from professional and elite rugby who share our values, philosophy and attitudes around how to help each player to better maximise their rugby and personal development.  Our aim is to deliver a fantastic and unique experience for all our players.

At PSA Academies, we do have a positive mindset, which is very important. If there is anything that the COVID-19 crisis has taught us both as individuals and as a company is that what’s important is worth fighting for and that a positive approach to life’s challenge is critical to staying the course and achieving our ambitions.

We know that lifelong improvement goes hand-in-hand with positive learning experiences. As  a coaching and programme delivery team, we know that we and our players have a fantastic capacity to improve and excel even during a short rugby programme, with the right technical feedback and positive mentoring.  Our rugby and physical testing and reporting process is designed to give our players detailed and honest feedback about their technical skills and physical development, but with positive pointers as to how they can improve, develop and achieve against their peer group.  Our Online Education programme and daily webinars with leading sports experts gives our players and their parents an unrivalled insight into not just the technical requirements and targets to hit as they develop through the age-grades but also the importance of positivity in terms of player’s mental wellness and benefit of developing the right support groups around you.

We want to ensure that players learn not just about high-performance rugby development but also some of the key values for a healthy and happy life. Indeed, the biggest learning and development achievement by some of our players may be the independence achieved by travelling and staying away from home, developing new friends, on one of our residential programmes in Tignes, Ireland or the UK. Our Academy programmes are structured to ensure that the players take responsibility for their own development experience, whilst being supported by our professional pastoral and coaching teams, enjoying the positive team culture fostered by the mix of abilities, backgrounds and nationalities. For us, we aspire to our programmes being the ultimate enjoyable rugby experience and the fact that so many customers keep coming back every year (plus rating us ‘Excellent’ on Trustpilot) says we must be doing a good job so far!

Our mission for our coaches and players isn’t necessarily the best but to be YOUR best.  All are welcome, all are encouraged, we expect our players to their best to live to our 9PSAVs values, taking that important next step to maximising their potential.

Trustpilot Testimonials – see more here:

Mark – Parent: He loved it so much he wanted to return the following week!

Elizabeth – Parent:What a fantastic camp. My son has given me the most amazing feedback about it. He absolutely loved it.